SendIt AirBag
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Replacable Topcover - Manufactured from a high-tech fabric specifically manufactured to take any and all abuse you can give it.

The Landing Chamber breaks your fall - soft and safe like a glove - by effectively absorbing your landing. Upon impact, the giant air chambers absorb the energy and release it as air turbulence through the elastic torpedo valves.

The lower Safety Chamber is operated at a higher air-pressure level to increase the safety and ensuring you never bottom out, even on the highest of jumps.

Frame System - a high-pressure inflated ring attached around the top perimeter ensure you don’t slide off the bag.



Break free from the foam pit and trampoline — you really can take your SendIt AirBag anywhere! Both the SendIt Standard and SendItPlus can be easily setup by a few people, and it packs down small enough to fit in your car trunk.

The SendIt Standard has a giant 20 Square Foot footprint, with Over 3 Feet of Cushion, meaning that you can practice all day as you progress toward perfection.

Need a little extra padding for even sicker tricks? The SendIt Plus has 5 Feet of Cushion and sits at 26 Square Feet, making it even safer to push the limits.




SendIt Standard:

20 ft x 20 ft x 3.2 ft (6m x 6m x 1m)

SendIt Plus:

26 ft x 26 ft x 5 ft (8m x 8m x 1.5m)