Building Your Own BMX Launch Ramp?

BMX Ramp DIY Dimensions:

Use 1-1/4” Steel Square Tubing

Radius: 10.5 FT
Height 6 FT
Width 3 FT

So the dimensions to this ramp are my personal favorite and might not necessarily be yours.

But these specs are the ones that my good friend Daniel Dhers gave me from the take off ramp for his resi ramp at Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex, in North Carolina.

It is a 6 foot take off ramp with a 10.5 radius. Im not an expert at building ramps but this is what I know creates the perfect kicker ramp for me. If you have ever been to woodward east there take off in cloud 9 for the resi/foam pit is 6ft tall with a 10 ft radius which gives it just a little more pop which sends you up more then then the 10.5 radius. The reason I personally like the 10.5 specifications is because I like to spin a lot and this transition is super smooth to roll off and spin.

At the end of the day everybody has different needs and wants so you have to decide for yourself what rides best for you. But at the end of the day as long as you have some wheels to roll on and a ramp to send it off, you should be happy!

-Todd Meyn