Wall Riding with the BMX Nextstep Lander

We have been getting creative with setting the airbag up around the place and thought it would be awesome to find a big wall to see how high we could wall ride. I’ve been good friends with Adam from the Kart Centre in Perth for some time now and he is always keen to do something out of the ordinary. Lucky enough he has very large space which was exactly the place we were looking to setup our NextStep Lander.


Once again, we woke up early Saturday morning so we could beat the crowds and get down to the Kart Centre. We hadn’t looked at the spot before rocking up but soon came to realize that a small obstacle was in our way.

This obstacle was a barbed wire fence that hung below the wall ride so if you were to slip off the wall, you would be falling into something that would cause a lot of discomfort.

My good friend Tyler Gayski came with me to join in on the fun but the little dude is only 12 and has never hit a wall ride before.

We set the NextStep Lander up against the wall with the kicker ramp and begun hitting the wall. After a few runs we started going faster and going higher and higher up the wall to then feeling comfortable enough to add in a few tricks out of the wall ride. After trying a couple wall ride to flairs and becoming unsuccessful we decided to move the ramp around for Tyler as he spins the other way to me. As i mentioned before Tyler had never hit a wall ride before and the barbed wire fence was something that you do not want to fall into.

After a few test runs Tyler went for it, proving that confidence is key!

After a successful morning we packed up the inflatable BMX landing and headed inside to race some Go Karts. Once again, huge shoutout to Adam and the crew at “The Kart Centre” for letting us carve up their wall. Looking forward to the next adventure with my mates. If anyone has some crazy ideas for us, please let me know your thoughts!

Much Love,
-Todd Meyn (@ToddMeyn)