RIDING A BMX in a 700-year-old castle - Wales, UK Nitro Circus Shoot


I’ve just returned from a 10-day trip through Wales with some of the athletes from Nitro Circus. We were there promoting the upcoming 2020 Nitro World Games that is being held in Wales on May 23rd and 24th in 2020. Nitro Circus shut down an entire 700-year old fortress called “Conway Castle” for an entire day so myself, Ryan Williams, Jed Mildon and Kurtis Downs could do a session with a BMX NextStep Lander that they had purchased just for the trip.

Team Extreme is a popular show-team in the UK and they came in early with the other ramps to finish the setup. They brought in a 12 ft roll-in and a perfect 6ft takeoff ramp to hit the NextStep Airbag Lander. Once we got the everything setup and in order we started cruising to get comfortable with the ramps.

We were all super keen to jump on our bikes and get a good session in as it had been a few days since we had been on the bikes. This was also the first time I got to witness a scooter riding the airbag and R-Willy - as usual - smashed it. We spent a few hours getting some unreal footage with the drones and other fancy cameras. When cameras are around things always seem to get a bit crazier than usual.

To finish off the day, R-Willy sent a crazy bomb drop off the top of the castle into the 12 ft. quarter and then into a perfect Cashroll. I think this has to be one of the best setups I’ve seen yet with the DD NextStep airbag.

Super excited to see what else the future holds. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the video!

-Todd Meyn