Riding The New Youth BMX Lander at the Stress-Less Festival in Perth

This past weekend, the Belmont City Council and the local YMCA put on awesome event on for the kids called Stress-Less Festival in Perth, Western Australia. The festival is in honor of mental health week, and we were stoked to bring something that helps us stay mentally fit: our bikes and a set of inflatable airbag landers including the new NextStep Youth BMX Lander that we just launched this week!

We setup at 9am at Belmont Skatepark and got both of the inflatable airbags up on separate sides of the park. The NextStep Youth BMX Lander has been something we have been working on for a while to give the kids an opportunity to ride something like the Pros, all while progressing in a safer way. The Youth NextStep is built just like the regular NextStep Lander, with just slight smaller height and dimensions to make it easier for Juniors to stomp out tricks.

We jammed out for a few hours and had an absolute blast. We had a lot of families come down to attend and ride and even got some of the mums and daughters to hit the new airbag landing which was so amazing to see everybody get involved in on all the fun. 

All in all it was an amazing day and so great to see a council supporting action sports and allowing things like this to happen with all the red tape that is normally plastered over this kind of stuff. Huge thank you to everybody for the continued support and love!

-Todd Meyn