Roadtrip Rewind to Day One: Woodward Camp, a 16ft Drop and Schmidty's Bad Landing

First stop of the DD Airbag trip started in New Jersey where Brandon Schmidt lives. We both loaded up the car/trailer and headed out to Woodward east. We got in late, had a little ride and got an early night so we could get an early start.

We then woke up at 7am, got in the car and drove around camp to scout and see what we could up with for the day. Our first idea was an “on and off” jump on the media bus but were soon distracted by the canteen roof.

Our idea was to jump onto the roof on one side with the 6 ft kicker ramp and then set the airbag lander on the other side to drop off which was about 16 ft tall drop to the floor.

We unloaded the trailer and then checked out the top of the roof to make sure it was ok to jump onto and ride across. Once getting on top of the roof it seemed a lot higher then what it looked like on the ground but we had already unloaded and committed to it. I was up first and made sure to go faster then what was needed to get onto the roof as i didn’t want to take any risks but for me the scariest part was jumping off the roof into the airbag but everything went well. I then wanted to do a run threw without any stopping, just one smooth run threw which i did and after that i called it and i was done.

Now it was Brandon’s turn and he was most scared about jumping onto the roof more so then jumping into the airbag landing. He stomped it first try absolutely no problem whatsoever and we were beyond stoked that everything with the first idea went to plan but Brandon wanted to go again which i suggested we should be safe and move on as it was a pretty crazy thing to start the trip off on but he insisted to go again.

Long story short he over shot the bag on the second jump, looping out onto the concrete and fracturing his sacrum which is pretty much your tailbone. A few people came about and we helped him into the car and i drove him to the hospital to get him some help. After leaving the hospital 5 hours later he was in a fair bit of pain but insisted we carry on with the trip and continue onto stop #2 which was Roman Atwoods house which i have already posted about because i was to excited to wait. So from here ill skip to stop #3 which means we were off to Pastrana Land!