Introducing the Youth NextStep Lander!

The new Youth NextStep Lander is perfect for any grom BMX rider that is starting to progress into bigger tricks and wants to be able to learn new tricks faster and safer.

Just like the larger Pro NextStep Lander, the Youth NextStep Lander has vents on either side of the airbag, allowing you to make it softer. This softer landing is helpful if you are sending your first backflip, for example. With all the vents open, the lander acts as safe as the flat airbags that you typically learn these on.

The Youth NextStep with the Pro NextStep Lander behind it.

The Youth NextStep with the Pro NextStep Lander behind it.

Once you start feeling more comfortable with the trick, closing the vents inflates the airbag fuller so you can work on your exits. That’s what makes the Youth NextStep so versatile - it’s a lander and an airbag in one package.

One portable package, that is. The Youth NextStep is easy to move about, pack up and put anywhere it will fit - perfect even if you have a small backyard.


The Youth NextStep is 5” high with a wide 11.5” that runs out 15” in length - giving you plenty of room to perfect your landings and go bigger, faster.

We debuted the Youth NextStep at the StressLess Fest - see it in action here:

todd meyn