Video: BMX Jumping Semi-trailer and forklifts!

A little while ago we were lucky enough that our good friend James let us all come out to his house to drop off his roof and jump over his pool fence with the DD bmx airbag landing. Fast forward a few weeks later and we were lucky enough to be invited to his Dads work to play.

James’ dad also own a truck yard where he has a lot of trucks, semi trailers and forklifts so James had the idea of playing around with these things and we were fortunate enough to make it happen with the approval of his dad.

It was a warm day and the truck was at a height of 14.11 ft and we did not expect it to be that high and the thought of falling 14.11 ft to concrete didn’t sound very pleasing but we had already made the plan and now were in the middle of setup so it was to late to pull out. The sketchiest bit was the top of the semis as it was only a thin aluminum top with a small support frame underneath so the main concern was falling threw the top so we put a couple bits of ply-board on top. Once we got that bit solid we set the portable ramp up with the plan on jumping up onto the roof of the truck. We then continued so set the airbag landing a further 10 ft further up the truck with the plan of then dropping back in off the top.

I started the testing off by starting up top to drop in as this with the least scariest part of the whole project. Once we got that done it was time to get ready to try and get up on top of the trailer with the use of the ramp. After a few test runs i attempted the step up and made the height which was a big relief. A couple attempts in iIwas able to make it up and off the truck without putting any feet on the ground and the mission was a success. Though we didn’t plan on using any forklifts, when we finished up with the truck we set up an ON and OFF with the mez deck.

Pretty happy with what we were able to achieve and as always so grateful and lucky to have such great friends that want to help me send it. Excited to see what else we can get done in the next coming weeks. I you have any ideas please leave them in the comments and we will try and get it done.

Thanks for reading and watching!

-Todd Meyn

todd meyn