Step Up And Getting Air With The NextStep Lander

One of my favorite things in the world to ride is a step up. Though the DD NextStep BMX AirBag Lander we use is 6.5 ft tall, I thought it would be a good idea to head to Bayswater Skatepark and set it up on one of the ramps there and see what we could come up with. A few months back when I was away on a trip my friends had done this and it looked awesome …so I wanted to replicate it. Joined by my good mates for an early morning wake up, we headed to the skatepark.

We found a great spot and setup the 6ft take-off ramp that gave us enough speed and sat perfectly at height. We had the NextStep Lander setup in 15 minutes and slowly worked our way into it because it was quite a high step up. My little buddy Tyler Gayski was the only other one keen to ride it with me so we got used to it before getting any tricks done .

Once we got into it a little bit we started doing some tricks. I always have a couple of tricks that I will try and do on a set up after getting comfortable with it: flip whips and 360 downside tailwhips. My goal was to get comfortable enough to do these with confidence.

All in all we had an awesome ride and enjoyed another fun setup. As it was a Saturday morning the young kids and parents started to roll in quite early so after we got a few things done which we were both happy with we packed up and headed home for the day.

Another fun morning getting creative with my friends. So lucky to have such great friends that help me set up and film for me. Surround yourself with great people and life will be good.

-Todd Meyn