RoadTrip Day 2: Jumping GTR’s at Roman Atwood’s House!

Todd Meyn and Brandon Schmidt are on a roadtrip across the United States! Here’s Todd’s report from the road:

DD AirBags is on an epic roadtrip hitting up some amazing spots with our NextStep Landers. Our second stop on the east coast is a bit of a biggie: Roman Atwood invited us over to his house in Ohio to have some fun. How could we say no?

We brought our ramp setup which is a portable 6 ft kicker ramp and of course the DD AirBag inflatable NextStep Lander – then we left the ideas up to Roman as we knew he would come up with some crazy things to do.

We started the day early and Roman didn’t disappoint — the first thing he suggested was jumping his beautiful GTR Skyline.

I was super nervous to jump it to be honest as being invited out to his house was an absolute honor — so the last thing I wanted to do was damage his car. Just to be safe, I made sure I was going faster than I needed when I hit the ramp, and the backflip went to plan. As I came off the lander and back around, Roman called me out to do something a little crazier then just a backflip. I went back up the driveway and sent a double backflip over it. When Roman Atwood calls you out to do something, you do it!

As we were moving onto the next thing, Roman suggested pulling his other brand new 2019 GTR out of the garage so I could jump both of them! I was initially unsure of this because it was super windy and I didn’t have a roll in to drop in on… only a long driveway to pedal down while battling the crosswind. Nitro Circus flew three guys out to film and Roman had his crew going, so I didn’t want to let anyone down! I figured that at least if anything were to go wrong, there would be enough people to capture it on video and it would make a good YouTube vid!

Roman pulled the second GTR out and instantly doubled the gap I had to make between the ramp and the lander.

The first attempt didn’t go as I pulled out at the last second due to a huge gust of wind that hit as I was pedaling toward the ramp. Roman’s wife Brittany made a face that definitely made me think twice! 🤣

I pedaled back up to the top of the driveway andwaited for the wind to stop,. Once it it did, I pedaled my butt off and went for it —making the gap and not dropping me or the bike on Roman’s amazing cars. Did I mention this was only the first stunt?

If you haven’t seen Roman’s house before he has a huge pond in his backyard with a massive blob: a giant inflatable that shoots whatever is on one side of it when the other side gets jumped on.

Roman Atwood’s Lake Blob!

Roman Atwood’s Lake Blob!

We had the idea to sit on the end of the blob with a BMX bike and have two people jump onto it to shoot myself into the air, hoping that I can keep control and pull off a trick. The first try went absolutely amazing and was able to do a 360 off the blob! However, the water was absolutely freezing and the wind was making it twice as cold when I got out. But it was too much fun and I wanted to give it another try. The 2nd try went perfect, but I’ve never swam faster than I have trying to get out of that freezing pond.

Warming back up!

Warming back up!

Overall, it was a successful day at Roman’s house and we were super grateful for the opportunity to have some fun!

Thanks Nitro Circus and Roman Atwood for an amazing day!!

-Todd Meyn

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