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FMX + BMX SlideOn LanDeR

FMX + BMX SlideOn Lander

Custom built for you by DD Air Bags

The FMX + BMX SlideOn Lander is custom-built for your current lander, making it easy to convert your existing equipment into a safer place to work out new tricks.


  • Dual-Layered Airbag with multi-compartment air pockets.

  • Venting system for softness adjustments.

  • Advanced anchoring system, works in snow or dirt.

  • VELCRO© Bannering system

  • Variable Air-Blowing Positioning for portable setups.

  • Custom built for your setup

  • Non-stick topsheet

  • Double / Quadruple Stitching and reinforcements where it matters

  • Ultra Light and Extremely Tough purpose-built materials by PLATO

  • Detailed Operations Manual and Safety Guidelines